Simone herself is a busy business woman, but for years she has been connected to the Parent Child Center (OKC) which is recently called "Meer". In addition to her company 2T-Company she wanted to do something back for society. In 2005 she set up the "Together Pleasure" foundation for organizing holidays for women with small children. Families who would never go on holiday otherwise. In addition to the annual holiday, she also organizes trips with an instructive nature. But above all, just cozy, and that is sometimes much needed if you hear the stories of the challenges of women.

In the meantime, the foundation has grown into a whole of women that fit each other's features as puzzle pieces. They help each other. With each other and for each other. With integration. Solving problems, but also by listening to each other. The 2T-SHOP LEGO store from Simone at Orthen in 's-Hertogenbosch is a delivery point for everyday things that people can miss but others do not .... simple things like a maxicosi ... a coat ... iron ... Simone works with "The Gift" for this. Menno makes websites for others and instead of asking for a fee for it, the companies or people make a donation in the greenhouse of the foundation.

Simone is active through its company 2T2B with administration and budget coaching for people who need it.Simone and Menno donate a portion of the turnover of 2TTOYS to the foundation every year and act and advise for others. To get out of the problems or to stay .... With official correspondence .... With starting a store .... Are you wondering what Simone and Menno do even more for society ... the 2T-SHOP and is inspired