2TCOMPANY originated from 2TTOYS, which was founded in 2004 by Menno and Simone van Nuland. Because of the enthusiasm about quality toys, they bought toys in America for their own sons Thygo and Thymen, but cheaper compared to the regular stores in the Netherlands. Because friends and acquaintances had the same demand, the webshop 2TTOYS.NL was founded and soon it became an official LEGO dealer.

2TTOYS.NL has experienced a strong growth since its foundation and may call itself one of the - probably even THE - the largest independent LEGO dealer in the Netherlands. HAPPYTOYS.NL was established to separate the Business to Business activities from the Business to Consumer activities. ROLJO.NL was added to the company through acquisition. In order to meet the demand from suppliers, a Holding was founded, 2TCOMPANY BV.

Menno and Simone also invest in real estate. For example in garage boxes and other real estate. In addition, they participate in companies that fit their philosophy and way of thinking.

Very important to them: Menno and Simone are socially active in their "Samen Plezier" Foundation. Set up by Simone, if you want to know more about it, go to SAMENPLEZIER.NL

In order to be able to offer targeted help to people who are in trouble, 2T2B was established. For more information, go to 2T2B.NL

They also participate in the "Make a Wish" foundation and sometimes they honor other charities. But mainly they are committed to Stichting Samen Plezier. For this you can always make a donation. 

If you have any questions, please contact Menno and Simone.